DETOX YOUR CIRCLE, Elevate your Team!

8 Tips to Creating a Winning Team Culture and Circle of Alliance from my book, “Detox Your Circle”. <sos-consulting>

  1. Divide and Conquer vs 1:1 Marking: Get to know each team member personally and professionally. Take the trust each puts in you and extend it to the rest of the team. The concept of one-to-one marketing as a CRM approach was advanced by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers in their 1994 book, The One to One Future. From <>
  2. Situational Leadership: On an individual basis, be sure to coach, guide, and lead each team member according to their individual development, tenure, and skill level. As a group, treat them all the same being sure to inspire and encourage them to accomplish team goals. (Situational Leadership II Training – Theory, Style and Model | The Ken Blanchard Companies)
  3. Teach the Team Development Cycle: 1) forming, 2) storming, 3) norming, and 4) performing. Each of these phases requires a different kind of leadership. Make sure the team is aware of the phase they are in and help them understand the factors involved in cycling through each. (Tuckman’s stages of group development – Wikipedia)
  4. Give Praise and Constructive feedback: Praise openly and in front of others so that all can observe. Provide constructive feedback in private so that no one can hear, except the individual receiving the feedback. Never humiliate or embarrass someone — EVER.
  5. Build your Bench: Allow budding leaders to develop and flourish by giving them stretch goals, enrichment experiences, and opportunities for peer coaching.
  6. Zero Tolerance for Favoritism: Never show favoritism under any circumstances. There will be individuals that you will communicate better with and get along with better because of natural affinity. This is natural; however, you should never treat them more favorably than others. This is a way to demoralize the entire team and lose their respect.
  7. Involve the Team in Goal Setting / Delegate some supervisory tasks:Ask team for suggestions and recommendations regarding goals to be accomplished. Also, allow motivated, high-achieving individuals to help out with running operations.
  8. Break the Ice: Schedule time in meetings for icebreakers. Also, schedule team events away from the office for lunch, games, and other fun activities so that team members may get to know each other better. This further builds camaraderie, cohesion, and trust.

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I want to bring people together, to show deep generosity and love, to encourage and affirm others so that they may fulfill their true potential, to clarify for others the steps to enlightenment, to help others see the vision for themselves to which they are temporarily blind, to persuade people that their situations are not hopeless and to help them find their own unique path to fulfillment; to coach others in the rules of engagement for interacting with difficult people, to remind others that everyone has unique needs and baggage which limit the flow of interpersonal exchanges and to provide others with ways to help bridge such divergences; to illuminate and map out the unchartered territory of how single parenthood impacts the behavior and life choices of children when they become adults; to fearlessly accept the mantle and authenticity of my unique purpose and move about the world as a beacon for those who cannot find their way; to shine bright enough to ignite the inner flame of purpose in others with whom I come in contact, and to share with the world the music within me that will bring it into longing and expectation for our God.

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