Which logo works best??

Can you help me choose the right logo for the DETOX YOUR CIRCLE brand?

Leave a comment below corresponding to your choice of #1, #2, #3, or #4 from the image above..



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I want to bring people together, to show deep generosity and love, to encourage and affirm others so that they may fulfill their true potential, to clarify for others the steps to enlightenment, to help others see the vision for themselves to which they are temporarily blind, to persuade people that their situations are not hopeless and to help them find their own unique path to fulfillment; to coach others in the rules of engagement for interacting with difficult people, to remind others that everyone has unique needs and baggage which limit the flow of interpersonal exchanges and to provide others with ways to help bridge such divergences; to illuminate and map out the unchartered territory of how single parenthood impacts the behavior and life choices of children when they become adults; to fearlessly accept the mantle and authenticity of my unique purpose and move about the world as a beacon for those who cannot find their way; to shine bright enough to ignite the inner flame of purpose in others with whom I come in contact, and to share with the world the music within me that will bring it into longing and expectation for our God.

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